Sunday, August 26, 2012

Utah Grew in 2012 to 94 Half Marathons

Totals are in for UTAH! analyzed, searched and compared all half marathon directories in the United States for the state of Utah, and Utah grew in 2012 to a total of 94 half marathons!  This now puts Utah in the top 5 states for total number of half marathons, with California and Florida as the #1 and #2 total half marathons in the United States.

Additionally, as of 8/26/2012, Utah Half Marathons appears to be the most up to date largest list of half marathons for Utah compared to any other directory available:

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  1. Hey, I am from frankfurt, Germany, and i am going to run my first Marathon in april 2012. Running is the best Fitness training ever.. my first half-marathon i finished in 1.40.37!